May 26, 2017 —

Over the last few months, Women Thrive has been vocal around the proposed FY2018 Federal Budget cuts to the Department of State and, in particular, the International Affairs Budget (also known as Function 150). We also spoke out on how the proposed budget threatened and undermined the U.S.’ ability to continue its contribution and commitment to gender equality worldwide and international frameworks such as Agenda 2030.

In anticipation of far-reaching cuts to the 150 account, 62 of Women Thrive’s Alliance members collaborated and signed onto a letter expressing their concerns about the proposed budget cuts. Specifically, our Alliance members emphasized the impact that U.S. development and leadership has around the world, and why the U.S. cannot back away from the fight for gender equality by reducing its monetary contributions to international development and multilateral assistance.

As a result, when the full FY2018 Budget was released on May 23, Women Thrive took to Capitol Hill to urge members of Congress to go against the proposed 32 percent budget cut to the International Affairs Budget. During our meetings with the offices of Senator Diane Feinstein, Senator Tim Kaine, and Senator Jeanne Shaheen we presented our members’ letter, urging not only for a more robust budget for Function 150 (at a minimum $60 billion level) but specifically for line items concerning funding of gender equality and international NGOs.

Download the Alliance members’ letter here.