“The added value of the alliance is to echo local advocacy and expose local advocacy initiatives and share them globally. It is also important to present an issue as a global problem, this will attract more attention.” VIEW ALL TESTIMONIALS

Alliance Member, Youth First – Madagascar

"There is an incredible power in collective voices, it can create change and make a difference, like a double-edged sword, it can build-up or tear down, construct or destroy. The power of women is what voice is all about." VIEW

Alliance member, Anti-Domestic Violence Coalition – Uganda

“People who have remained silent, have never been able to claim their rights.” VIEW ALL TESTIMONIALS

Alliance member, AWARE Girls – Pakistan

"The Alliance can help mobilize resources, offer technical support to local organizations and also organize a campaign platform to all local NGOs and CSOs to come together and champion the course of women." VIEW ALL TESTIMONIALS

Alliance member, Abibiman Foundation – Ghana