March 9, 2017 —

“The course materials have been an eye-opener to me. Especially the aspect of data collection and evaluation. I have learnt and will be embedding it in my work.” – Goretti, WOUGNET (Uganda)

Last month, 50 Alliance members from 24 countries participated in an all-new Women Thrive Alliance course on the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals called Speak the SDGs.

The week-long course aimed to help members develop a better understanding of the SDGs and become more confident linking their work to the SDGs and seeking SDG-related funding. On all fronts, Speak the SDGs was a success. Feedback from participants has been very positive, and course evaluations have shown that participating members almost all feel that they have achieved the aforementioned three-course objectives. The course was offered in both English and French, with about two-thirds of participants taking the English version of Speak the SDGs.

To learn more about the course and its outcomes, and to read feedback from our members, please view or download Speak the SDGs in Brief.

Our course facilitators would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our participants, who, throughout the course, demonstrated their dedication to amplifying their advocacy and their desire to engage with fellow advocates for gender equality. We enjoyed all of your thoughts, discussions, SDG stories, and especially your willingness to help fellow participants think through ways to make their advocacy more effective and Speak the SDGs in Brief far-reaching. We hope the information you have learned, the skills you have developed, and the connections you have made will make a real difference to you, your organizations, and the women and girls you empower. We know that YOU are the voices of your communities and that YOU will hold your governments to their promises to achieve the SDGs!

Next month, Women Thrive will be proud to present our flagship course, Raise Your Voice, in a four-week online session. Raise Your Voice aims to help members improve their advocacy skills, focusing specifically on how to plan and execute feminist advocacy campaigns. For more information, visit the Alliance Online website or contact!