June 8, 2016 —

Due to political instability, women in the Middle East are facing more threats to their rights and safety than ever before.

News from the region often focuses on the turmoil but doesn’t show the bravery and daring of women in the Middle East who are challenging discriminatory social norms, entering new roles in politics and leadership despite great opposition, and displaying incredible defiance and resilience while under threat.

But women in the Middle East say they can’t do it alone. We hear from women on the ground that they feel forgotten, and that solidarity and commitment from international supporters and activists would strengthen their cause.

“This battle for women’s human rights against global fundamentalism and conservatism is not confined within the boundaries of a country or a region. It is an international battle,” says Lina Abou-Habib, a women’s human rights activist in Lebanon. “The more people speak out internationally, that is the only thing that matters at this point.”

Speak out with women like Lina. Show daring women in the Middle East you stand with them as they defend their rights! Your solidarity will be shared directly with key groups and women activists in the Middle East. Help us reach our goal of 15,000 signatures.

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