Over the summer, Women Thrive Alliance members launched a global campaign for gender equality, #AchieveSDG5.

Countries around the world are starting to implement the United Nations’ new Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) , and Alliance members want to make sure that women and girls aren’t left behind. They’re making sure that SDG 5 on gender equality women and girls’ empowerment is a priority in every country.

Check out this video showcasing just a few of the people that are raising their voices (and hands) to #AchieveSDG5:

The #AchieveSDG5 campaign has called for government decision-making processes to be participatory, citizen-driven, and inclusive of grassroots women and girls. Over the last six weeks, we have:

Our work isn’t done. Now, we’re helping Alliance members shape SDG implementation in their own countries. Stay tuned for updates on this exciting work!