June 28, 2017 —

As a global feminist advocacy network whose primary goal is for Sustainable Development Goal 5 on gender equality and the empowerment of all women and girls to be achieved, it is imperative for us to ensure that the voices and priorities our Alliance members – grassroots women’s rights organizations and gender equality advocates – are central to our engagement with the United Nations.

The United Nations’ High-Level Political Forum is the event through which countries report back on their progress in implementing the SDGs between July 10 to July 19. This year, our key message was that grassroots women’s rights groups and gender equality advocates need to be in the room where SDG implementation-related plans and decisions are being made. And with this, Women Thrive launched our #InTheRoom campaign.

#InTheRoom was born from the results of our 2017 National SDG Scorecard, which revealed that grassroots women’s rights groups and gender equality advocates, for the most part, are consistently left out of SDG-related decision-making spaces. #InTheRoom urges U.N. and national decision-makers to include grassroots women’s rights groups to be #InTheRoom when decisions about the SDGs, especially SDG5 on gender equality, are being made.

Want to advocate for women’s inclusion in decision-making spaces? Here’s how you can join Women Thrive’s #InTheRoom campaign! 

1) Send a tweet!

–  When it comes to making decisions about the implementation of #SDG5, women’s rights orgs & gender equality advocates must be #InTheRoom.

– We cannot #AchieveSDG5 (gender equality) if women’s rights & gender equality orgs/advocates are not present #InTheRoom when decisions are being made.

– As an advocate for women’s rights, it’s essential we’re #InTheRoom when it comes to making decisions about how to achieve gender equality!

– Join me in supporting @WomenThrive’s #InTheRoom campaign bc gender equality will only be achieved if women’s rights advocates are #InTheRoom

– .@WomenThrive’s data reveals that grassroots women’s rights groups aren’t #InTheRoom when governments make SDG-related decisions! Not OK.

2) Post on Facebook

– In order to #AchieveSDG5 (gender equality) women’s rights & gender equality organizations/advocates need to be #InTheRoom when national-level SDG-related implementation decisions are being made.

– Women Thrive’s National SDG Scorecard revealed that grassroots women’s rights grps are not #InTheRoom when governments make SDG implementation-related decisions. This must change to ensure that SDG5 on gender equality is achieved and women and girls are equally empowered worldwide. Join me in supporting #InTheRoom!

3) Post a selfie with this #InTheRoom placard and share on Facebook and Twitter: