The newest tool in Your SDG5 Toolbox is all about understanding the importance of grassroots advocates participation in Sustainable Development Goal 5 on gender equality.

The Factsheet: SDG5 Financing & Grassroots Advocates shares data on the amount of financing that goes to grassroots organizations advocating for implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals. The factsheet also shares what you can do to ensure that grassroots organizations are receiving the funds and resources they need to implement the SDGs successfully.

The Your SDG5 Toolbox contains everything you need to understand the SDGs and how to take part in the goal to achieve gender equality.

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  6. Factsheet: SDG5 Participation & Grassroots Advocates 

Increasing your knowledge around the SDGs will help you amplify your voice and become a better activist for gender equality! Stay tuned for more additions to Your SDG5 Toolbox.